Wednesday, 20 May 2015

BSI Nordale on Environmental Challenges: Why Staying Up-to-date Is Essential to Engineering Companies

Keeping up with the times is often the difference between success and failure for many companies and this is particularly true within the engineering industry. Today, there is particular emphasis on saving the environment, saving space and saving money. Happily for all, these can go hand-in-hand. As the mechanical and electrical engineering building services company, BSI Nordale Limited, explains, it is important to invest in the future to achieve all three: “We would say it is imperative that organisations employ the right people and spend time assessing how equipment can be more efficient”.

These three aims can be achieved by staying abreast of current challenges facing companies and creating more efficient, less environmentally damaging systems.

BSI Nordale

 Saving space

BSI Nordale illustrates this theme of space saving by using their specification of new, efficient lifts as an example. Their clients are often taken aback by the significantly smaller motors that replace out-of-date and dilapidated twenty-year-old machines. But they soon realise that the new smaller device is much more capable of efficiently and quickly delivering passengers between floors.

As real estate prices have been rising at an unprecedented rate in recent times, companies are anxious to make full use of available floor space in order to maximise profits. Smaller, more efficient mechanical and electrical building systems, like those offered by BSI Nordale, makes this increasingly possible.

Saving the environment

The second benefit of remaining at the cutting edge of development encompasses the fact that more efficient technology uses less energy, meaning less spending on overheads which can convert to greater profits. This is great news not only for the company, but also for the environment.

Saving money

New technology can help companies further save money through the production of their own energy from in-house renewable sources. On a wider scale, these environmentally-friendly resources will ensure the availability of energy in the future, as traditional non-renewable reserves become less mainstream and ever more depleted.

Aware of the responsibility the engineering sector has for promoting a sustainable future, BSI Nordale reminds us that the construction and operation of buildings is responsible for the majority of the energy consumed in the Western world, therefore linking their industry directly to global environmental impact.

Social responsibility

In addition, BSI Nordale explains a less tangible, but equally important benefit to companies who always keep their finger on the pulse. As increasingly conscientious clients look for more socially-responsible engineering service providers, it is essential that companies in this country do not trail behind the rest of the world, inciting customers to look elsewhere and take their business abroad.

BSI Nordale tells us that, while they have been truly inspired to see some exciting developments in tackling crucial challenges such as the environment in recent years, they are still striving for further development. After all, the very goal of the engineering industry is to continuously find and implement new and innovative solutions. Solutions that will ultimately help maximise financial and social profits for their clients.